The popular international news channel called Cable News Network of the United States (CNN) has identified 17 best places in the world, which are must visits in 2017. Of these 17 places, Bhutan is one.

CNN has listed these 17 best places after consulting their travel experts.  The reason for picking Bhutan as one of the exclusive travel destinations is that it is the world’s eco-friendliest nation besides Gross National Happiness (GNH) as its main developmental paradigm.

For many, 2016 went down as one of the worst years in recent history.
Whether you’re still mourning the passing of your favorite entertainer, your fellow man’s decisions at the voting booth or ongoing violence around the world, we could all use a dose of happiness right now.
That’s where Bhutan comes in.
Not only does this mountainous Buddhist nation focus on happiness as a national indicator but by some accounts is the world’s eco-friendliest nation. As of 2016, it was reported to be the world’s first carbon negative country.
There’s an incredible amount of scenery, culture and excellent food spread across every corner of this tiny Himalayan country.
With Bhutan, a tour is essential the kingdom officially targets “high value, low impact” tourism.
This means the first step in planning any trip to Bhutan is to visit the Tourism Council of Bhutan website for a list of regulations required of all visitors.