Facts on Bhutan:

  • Please DO NOT expect any luxury, though the hotels we offer to you are of the best standards available in the town approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (NOT including the few new boutique luxury hotels). Also you are free to choose any hotels if you have any preference.
  • Though you might be paying a huge amount, please do not forget that most of the visitors coming to Bhutan are here to experience a unique way of life, culture and old history. So please keep your expectation low and expect the unexpected.

Bhutan Visa:

  • Your visa for Bhutan is granted on arrival. No photographs are required. Please carry a copy of the visa approval letter with you. Without your visa approval letter, the airline staffs WON’T let you board in.


  • Spring/Autumn/Winter are cold in the morning and evening so please do get some warm cloths. Refer to Weather Information link for updated weather condition.
  • Bring some formal dress (that covers your body fully) for visiting temples and holy sites.
  • Culturally sensitive dressing tips: For women, pants (or Capri length pants) and/or a skirt (mid-calf or longer (A-line style works best for hiking) is recommended. Tights, hiking shorts and sports tops are not advised unless worn under other clothing. For men, pants are best. Men may wear hiking shorts, but they should be longer, near the knees. Men should never go shirtless.
  • Accommodation in Bhutan is not centrally heated, but portable electric heaters and plenty of blankets are generally provided in rooms. Consider bringing an additional set of long underwear to sleep in for extra warmth.
  • Please bring along a pair of ear plugs. Dogs can prove to be a nuisance in the night. They are not dangerous but refrain from touching them.


  • Most of the hotels offers buffet with Bhutanese, Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. But if you don’t want to eat the touristic food, then you must inform your guide so that he will take you to the local restaurants.
  • If you like spicy food, then you get to enjoy Bhutanese cuisine.


  • Outbreak of major diseases is not common in Bhutan. However typhoid has occurred during the rainy season. Dengue fever has been recorded in the south bordering India. Medical help and medicine are free in all hospitals. Pharmacies which run without prescription are also available in major towns. Small dose for motion sickness, headache, stomach, indigestion and insect repellent (during summer) could be useful to bring. For more health information, please checkhttp://wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/destinationBhutan.aspx

Credit Card:

  • Credit card is still not common in Bhutan. Very few stores/hotels accept VISA card with 5% charges.
  • Only US dollars/Pounds/Euro cash and TC are commonly accepted. Indian currency is at par with Bhutanese currency and accepted everywhere.
  • There are very limited ATM and are not very reliable so it’s advisable to bring some cash.
  • For latest exchange rate, please check – http://www.bnb.com.bt/fxrates.html

Travel Accessories:

  • Bring mosquito and insect repellent if you are traveling during June – September.
  • Bring high SPF sun block as sunlight is strong here.
  • Bring flash light as power failure is common in remote places.
  • Bhutan supply is at 220 volts. Bring two/three round headed pins for charging.
  • Bring books to read as most evenings are free and some hotels still don’t have TV.

Duty Exemption:

  • Cigarettes/Tobaccos products are commercially banned in Bhutan. If you are a smoker please bring in your own. 300 sticks of Cigarettes and Tobaccos can be imported for personal consumption on paying 200% tax. Alcoholic beverage up to 1 litre for personal consumption can be brought in free.
  • Alcoholic beverage up to 1 liter is permitted for personal consumption.


  • Please check your itinerary (arrival/departure dates/time) properly as making changes at last moment could be very difficult in Bhutan due to lack of proper infrastructure. NO change of itinerary at the last moment. Daily program can be flexible as per the group’s interest.
  • Bhutan is very safe and you can trust people easily for they don’t cheat you. Your belongings are safe in hotel/car but on a BAD day, anything could go wrong so we always suggest you to carry your camera, wallet, passport and your valuable goods with you all the time.


  • Public displays of affection between opposite sex or similar sex are frowned upon. Please refrain from doing that in public places.
  • Please refrain from buying any articles from street vendors (It is rare, let us keep it rare).
  • If you are flying from Kathmandu/Delhi and if you wish to enjoy the best view of the worlds highest mountains peaks, while boarding ask for following seats on the left hand side: 5 – A B, 6 – A B, 7 – A B, 8 – A B, 9 – B, 19 – A B, 20 – A B, 21 – A B, 22 – A B   Please check in early because the seats are given on first come first service.
  • Only few international mobile service provider works in Bhutan so if you want to use your phone, please check with your service provider. If you need to use mobile phone, it’s best to use local simcard which can be provided by your guide on arrival.
  • If you are wondering what to get for school children or children in remote villages, then pencil, pen, books or anything that could be used for good cause. Do not hand gifts, sweets and money to strangers and children. If you want to present please consult your local guide.
  • You will be traveling at an average altitude of 2,250 Meters.
  • If you have patience and humor you will enjoy your trip better in Bhutan. Bhutanese people are laid back and fun loving.


EMERGENCY, when you are away/on your way to Bhutan, if we need to contact you or someone in your country, kindly provide us with the contact person name and number.   

Some useful Phrases:

Hello:              Ku zu zampola (meaning good health)

Thank you:      Ka din cheyla

Good bye:       Lus la