Tourism is a very new industry in the country. 1n 1974 state guesthouses were built around the country to accommodate the state guests during the Coronation ceremony of the 4th king. Bhutan Tourism was formed to entertain the VIP guests and since then it has come a long way.

Due to limited tourist and very much controlled tourism in the country to avoid mass tourism it hasn’t helped much to grow the infrastructure. Roads are all one-way lane. The hotels are very much basic. Our guides are good but still they are more and expert in culture and religion only. Service is very much limited. Only from last year the Tourism Board has started rating the hotels. Though the hotels which we can use are all 3 star standard but yet it’s very very basic. So please DO NOT expect any luxury in Bhutan. Visitors coming to Bhutan DO NOT come for service but they come for our culture, religion, people, landscape, environment and happiness. If you are looking for top class service then Bhutan is not the place for you. But for those of you who would still want to experience luxury for a day or two then we do have limited luxury 5 star hotels in few towns around Bhutan.

So please do bare with our basic hotels but at the same time all our hotels are very safe, clean, friendly, traditional and unique in it’s own way.

Tashi Namgay Hotel

Tenzinling Resort

Gangtey Palace Hotel

Janka Hotel

Hotel Olathang

Bhutan Metta Resort & Spa

Hotel Migmar

Kisa Hotel

Hotel Jomolhari

Wangchuk Hotel, Taba

Hotel Druk

Hotel Phuntsho Pelri

Namgay Heritage Hotel

Meri Pensum Hotel

Zangdopelri Hotel

Damchen Resort

Punatsangchu Cottage

Dewachen Hotel

Yangkhil Resort

Hotel River Lodge

Goengkhar Guest House

Wangdichholing guest house

Wangchuk Hotel

Hotel KC

Lhaki Hotel

Hotel Druk

The Orchid

The Park Hotel

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Terma Linca Resort and Spa –
Namgay Heritage –
Aman Kora –
Le Meridien –
Osel –

Zhiwa Ling Hotel –
Uma by Como –
Aman Kora –
Naksel Resort –
Haven Resort –

Uma by Como –
Densa Resort –
Aman Kora –

Aman Kora –
Gangtey Goenpa Lodge –

Raven Crown Resort –

Aman Kora –
Yu Gharling Resort –