Village Home stay is the best way to experience the true culture and the way of Bhutanese life. The friendly people, simple lifestyle and the traditional communities is worth the experience to cherish for a lifetime. Life here moves at much slower pace than in bigger towns, and for those who relish the quiet calm of the rustic life, this is possibly as good as it gets. You will not just be immersed in the lifestyle of the locals but will also quickly establish a bond with the warm and welcoming families who will treat you like family. Unlike most places, it’s NOT at all commercialized.

Visitors will experience the full spectrum of village life. Try the Khuru (dart) and Dego (flat stone) game. Home cooking spicy Bhutanese dishes lessons will surely be a memorable part of your stay. The wide variety and sumptuousness of painstakingly prepared dishes can sometimes be enough to confuse most people. You will learn how to prepare the local food. This might include gathering, cooking and washing it as well!! Be a part of the family. Experience the true Bhutanese lifestyle and traditions that have been preserved for ages.

Please be warned that in some villages where we take you, there is no electricity and running water. Toilets are usually outside.