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This 9 Day trip One of the best way to explore Bhutan is on Motorbikes. You have all the privilege to stop exactly where you wish to…

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The Last Shangri-La explores the heartlands of pristine forests and tiny Himalayan Buddhist country across the cities from west to central Bhutan offering best Journeys ever for those who seeks peace, luxury and tailor made holidays in Bhutan. ..

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Click the Dragon Central photo trip will cover almost all the cultural highlights of Bhutan. You will get to see many villages, people, schools, old temples and beautiful landscape.

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“ Castles in the Air, Experiences and Journeys in Unknown Bhutan, by John Claude White, C.I.E., Late Political Officer of Sikkim, Bhutan and of such part of Tibet as fell within the sphere of British influence ” ..

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I have travelled to Europe, Australia and most parts of Asia… but none can compare to the natural beauty of Bhutan. Travelling to Bhutan is akin to embarking on a (spiritual) journey of self-discovery. Before my journey started, I was disillusioned with life – so much suffering and fighting going on… is there such a thing as happiness on earth? I asked myself. And the answer is “yes!”.

In Bhutan, smiles are aplenty. Visit a Dzong, and cheeky and friendly monks will greet you. Visit a school and the kids will talk and play with you like you are an old friend… at a restaurant, it’s common for the proprietors to chat with you while you enjoy a delicious meal of chillies, cheeses and fresh seasonal vegetables. And in the villages, the locals will happily pose for pictures for you. Yes, Bhutan is indeed a Kingdom of Happiness!

I’ve learned a lot on this journey and made new friends. I now look at life differently, more confident and hopeful. Bhutan has given me a renewed sense of hope and happiness. I want to take this opportunity to thank Keys to Bhutan, especially my guide and friend, Anan, for making my Bhutan journey such a wonderful and unforgettable experience… I will definitely be back!

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